Class Warfare

Dynamic Delver is going to be a multiplayer team-based adventure game. This means that players should want to work together to solve the game’s challenges. A class or role-based system is a good way to accomplish this.  Different characters will take on different roles, such as tank or healer. I want to include a large variety of classes, each one creating a different style of play.

There are a few things that most class-based systems do that I want to avoid in Dynamic Delver:

  • None of the roles should be necessary to play. If no one wants to play a healer, it shouldn’t mean that the group is doomed. Instead, the group should be able to compensate with whatever roles it has. Maybe they mitigate damage with large amounts of crowd control, for example. Or outfit themselves with a lot of healing potions.
  • There shouldn’t be any classes whose only role is to deal damage. Games where you have exactly one number that you are trying to optimize often feel very shallow. C. T. Murphy has a more in-depth article on this that I agree with.
  • Ideally, each class would have multiple roles it could fill, although not necessarily at the same time. For example, a paladin might fulfill both the tank and healer roles, or they might have to choose between the two roles by selecting one of two auras.

The class system should give each player something to do, some way to make a contribution, while helping the group coordinate its efforts.


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